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i am too young to have this many embarrassing memories

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Anonymous asked: Btw my other post about how people say suicide isn't the answer, I'm not telling people to kill themselves I was just wondering bc everyone says that and I don't believe them! I think everyone is beautiful the way they are and that the rough parts will pass but then i don't take that advice. I'm depressed and I cut and I've thought about death! I hate seeing people cut and all that but I still do and I really hate myself for it.


Nah I didn’t think you were, but it’s good you cleared it up for anyone who may have thought that :)
You still believe that rough things pass so that shows a little glimmer of hope in you which is such a good thing. You just have negative thoughts running around in your head and you just need to conquer them with all the positivity I know you have in you. You’re in pain and that’s ok but you just have to deal with it in a better way, so instead of cutting maybe go for a run or listen to music. Do something to distract yourself from the bad thoughts

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Anonymous asked: People say "suicide is not the answer" like how isn't it the answer. There's no problems when you're dead. Life is hell and if it's hell then why live it


I totally understand that but if you’re sad in this life then your soul may be sad in the next. It’s probably better to be happy in this life so you can live an even better life in the next. Also I think suicide doesn’t end the pain it ends the opportunity for things to get better 💕

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"You treated strangers better than me."
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